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​An interactive workshop where theory meets practical application for exercise professionals who seek to apply an individualized approach, and assess and motivate physically inactive adults suffered from obesity to an active and healthy lifestyle. During this educational course the participants will know how to analyze and evaluate clients’ health and fitness needs working either preventively or therapeutically while becoming a valuable member of a multidisciplinary clients’ health care team. After this workshop, the exercise professional will be able to design, implement, evaluate and supervise exercise training programs for overweight clients and clients struggling with obesity by collecting and analyzing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of customized workout routines. In addition, as part of a team with allied health professionals, a fitness professional will contribute significantly and uniquely in helping the individuals impacted by obesity to improve their health and quality of life through a monitored, customized, and science-based exercise program in many different work settings.

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the problem of obesity at global level

  • Implement appropriate exercises, drills and games to engage clients

  • Design exercise routines to help clients to achieve their goals

  • Apply science-based exercise protocols promoting safety and customization


More than half of all people around the globe are struggling to lose weight and meet the recommendations for physical activity. On the other side, the global health and fitness industry is on the rise through new trends and workout routines focused on fundamental movement patterns in a small-group training setting. Latest research findings suggest that hybrid-type, multicomponent interval training can be an effective, safe, time-efficient and enjoyable approach to improving body composition, performance, health and quality of life in sedentary adults affected by the most common lifestyle-related chronic conditions. In this workshop, a research-based hybrid interval training program will be presented linking theory and practice. 

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Numerous evidence-based protocols for hybrid interval training focused on inactive overweight clients through innovative and customized small-group training solutions.

  • Proven practical ideas to design progressive circuit-type integrated neuromuscular training programs that improve all fitness components in previously untrained adults with overweight or obesity.

  • Coaching expertise and skills about safe and efficient exercise programming combining the top fitness trends in the fight against obesity epidemic.

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